Three Major Concepts In Life

I see 3 major concepts in life. They are progressive and build on their predecessor.

Dependent/Independent Thinking

This is the most fundamental concept. It’s the foundation that the other two are build on. It’s about whether your thoughts and assumptions are closely dependent on previous indoctrination or if you have leaned to think independently of your early experiences.

Sense of purpose

Purpose is the second deepest concept which addresses what you do with your life. It’s evidenced by your overall motivation and direction and is a result of your fundamental assumptions and outlook on life.

Your Attitude

Your altitude is the most immediate of the three and effects you the most on a daily basis.

Your altitude is the most immediate of the three and effects you the most on a daily basis. This is where we spend most of our time and life.

Your fundamental thinking about life almost never changes. Your purpose in life is subject to change by gradual evolution over time.

But your daily attitude is volatile and needs regular maintenance.

The first step of course is to be aware of your attitude. You need to monitor it to know if you’re on track or off track. Because we are so close to our attitude that sometimes we don’t see it and aren’t aware of its immediate effect on our life.

You have control of your attitude but not directly. It’s the cumulative result of experiences. It has momentum and takes time and events to change. Unless there is a dramatic event which can change it in an instant.

Your attitude is built on memories so time is a factor. The size of an event, its relative impact on your life and it’s distance in time serve to influence its effect.

If your attitude is shallow then it’s more volatile and more easily changed. If your attitude is deep and consistent then it has greater momentum and less subject to recent events.

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